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McGreevy NeuroHealth

About McGreevy NeuroHealth

At McGreevy NeuroHealth in Saint Augustine, Florida, you have access to a Johns Hopkins-trained medical physician who adheres to the strongest evidence-based medicine guidelines. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff has the skills necessary to provide advanced therapies that lead to a full recovery. When conventional therapies fail, we succeed.

Living Completely

All that we experience in the human condition depends largely on the integrity of the nervous system, the most complex and intricate network in the universe. The brain alone contains approximately 100 billion neurons. Each time we see, smell, taste, hear, read, write, think, recall, speak, calculate, comprehend, feel, move, plan, or experience emotions such as pleasure, happiness, motivation, and even sadness and pain, we depend on the health of the nervous system. We have great respect for the design of such an intricate system that enables us to experience life and participate in the world, and it is our goal to provide people with as much support of the neurological system, both in prevention as well as treatment and management.

Dispelling all Doubt

Neurologists are masterful diagnosticians who combine clinical skills with the latest technology to figure out the root cause of your neurological concerns. At our clinic, we fit all the pieces of the diagnostic puzzle together to recommend effective treatments and therapies.

When it comes to your nervous system, nothing should be taken for granted. Neurologists have all the training, and intuition, necessary to know when a surgical procedure is necessary. All issues that arise from neurological emergencies are best identified by a neurologist. An accurate diagnosis leads to prompt action---and recovery.

Your Competent Assistants

Your neurologist is your greatest ally while on the journey to recovery. Our clinic provides one-on-one consultations that provide an enlightening and educational experience with each visit. We provide an effective treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. All this newfound knowledge grants more power and control over your ailment.

Proverbially speaking, our neurologists look at the forest, and not just the trees. Treating the entire neurological system, rather than a solitary aspect, is more likely to improve your quality of life. Spending time with a qualified and experienced physician gives you the tools necessary to keep your condition under control.  Learn more about our philosophy in helping you regain your life.

Contact us in Saint Augustine, Florida, to speak with a physician who takes your whole health into account before committing to a treatment.

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