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We are rapidly growing and excited to announce the opening of an additional location for McGreevy NeuroHealth in Palm Coast, FL! The contact information is: 

57 Town Court, Suite 123, Palm Coast, FL 32164

Office Phone: (904) 230 – 3006

Fax: (877) 638 – 8891

We feel this will better accomodate our patients by providing more convenient options to receive advanced neurological healthcare. Stay tuned for more status updates on this website.



1) Accredited Office-Based Surgery Center

2) Anesthesia: for your comfort during our spine procedures

3) Kyphoplasty: Non-surgical repair of painful spinal fractures

4) Accredited Moderate-Complexity Laboratory: one-stop shop for blood draws and urine collection

5) EEG-Biofeedback: a non-medication treatment option for dementia, memory disorders, and cognitive disorders

6) Video-EEG Monitoring: capture spells or seizure activity on EEG while tested in the comfort of your own home.

7) Retinal Imaging: allows the physician to assess the macula for signs of increased intracranial pressure in headache patients, to detect retinopathy/vascular disease in diabetics with vision problems, and to serve as a window into the small vessels of the brain, thus giving your physician a further understanding about brain structure/function.

8) Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA): a treatment for varicose veins to prevent severe morbidity/limb loss due to chronic venous insufficiency and painful ulcers


Yours in health,

Kai McGreevy, MD