March 27, 2020


In attempts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, McGreevy NeuroHealth will be conducting all follow up appointments by utilizing a video communication platform. This is a FREE service that can be used with a computer, smartphone, or tablet with video and audio capabilities. This will allow our providers to continue providing care while reducing potential exposure to COVID-19. A member of our staff will reach out to you in order to provide the MEETING ID and PASSWORD needed for your appointment. 

Below, you will find information on how to use this platform and the steps to take on different types of devices. If further assistance is needed, please contact Angie at (904)230-3006 ext. 112.

March 23, 2020

Dear Patients of McGreevy NeuroHealth,

         First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to care for your neurological and pain management needs. I consider myself privileged to be in this position.

          Second, I want to wish you the safest possible course throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the executive order from Governor DeSantis mandating that all elective procedures are prohibited until further notice, we have decided to temporarily close the office to work on other ways of providing care and treatment.

          Beginning immediately, we are evaluating existing and new patient visit requests to coordinate a plan that will enable ongoing management of your conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that we can still provide and adjust prescriptions when necessary.

          We realize your healthcare needs, thus we are working on a virtual way to provide continuity of care in the form of telemedicine during this interim. We are working hard to get this up and running as soon as possible, and will provide education in the form of tutorials. Please check your emails, phone messages and this website for further guidance over the next few days. 

          Last but not least, due to the expansive nature of this Public Health Emergency, we have taken the initiative to help protect you by ensuring employees of McGreevy NeuroHealth are tested and negative for COVID-19. This will be a process but we feel it is the responsible thing to do under these circumstances. We will monitor when it is safe to bring patients back to the office for follow-ups and treatments face-to-face.

          We sincerely thank you for your patience during this difficult time that we are all facing together.

Yours in Health,

Kai McGreevy, MD

Medical Director, McGreevy NeuroHealth

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Important Announcement:

This is a friendly reminder from the Authorization Staff at McGreevy NeuroHealth.

Welcome to 2019! We are beginning a new year, and for most of you, your insurance benefits have rolled over as of January 1st. Our office will be working diligently to obatin procedure authorizations and to get you scheduled in a timely manner. We realize that many patients want to avoid scheduling procedures and office visits until they 'meet the deductible'.  However, please keep in mind that the sooner you meet your deductible, the more you can get out of your insurance plan.  Many folks do not realize this.  Focus on your health.  Keep in mind the earlier you get treated, the less likely your condition becomes a chronic issue. Our authorizations staff is willing to help you understand your benefits, but you should become most familiar with your distinct health care plan. Not all plans are alike, despite having the same general insurance.  Lastly, if you must meet your deductible, understand that it is the patient's responsibility to pay for services rendered according to your health plan.

Below you will find a list of suggestions on how to make the process smoother:

1.) Please allow 72 business hours for authorizations to be submitted to your insurance company.

2.) Once submitted to insurance, please allow a minium of 15 days for your insurance company to process the request and to issue an authorization.

3.) Rather than calling the office multiple times regarding the status of your authorization, follow-up with your insurance company to obtain status updates. The more pressure you put on the insurance company, the more likely they are to hurry the review process.

4.) Authorization requests cannot be marked as URGENT. Insurance companies reserve URGENT requests for life threatening conditions.

5.) When the office calls to schedule procedures we have obtained authorization on, return our calls AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in order to secure an appointment time.

6.) Appointment spaces are limited and we will not schedule you for a procedure prior to the authorization being obtained.

7.) Make sure to follow ALL instructions given to you by Dr. McGreevy and/or the clinical staff in regards to any medications you should discontinue prior to any procedures. If you are a diabetic you should also make sure to manager your blood sugars within a safe range.

8.) Keep in mind that when you arrive for your procedure, we may be running behind due to the nature of procedure days. If you have a scheduled appointment, we will stay in the office as long as it takes to make sure you receive the care you are scheduled to have. Our cancellation policy remains in effect regardless of our wait time.

9.) If you are ill, please call our office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to reschedule your appointment. We cannot perform procedures on anyone that is sick or taking antibiotics. We are a small practice and if one staff member gets sick, it could quickly spread through the entire office. For our safety and the safety of other patients, please stay home if you are sick.


If you'd like to provide feedback regarding your visit, please contact our Risk Manager Kelly Carter at 904-230-3006, ext 103. Thank you!