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McGreevy NeuroHealth

The Peripheral Neuropathy Program

Patients who experience pain and discomfort from damaged nerves are always seeking answers.  Many have already been living with nerve pain for years. Neuropathic pain interrupts sleep, functioning and quality of life. You may be surprised to realize that not all neuropathy is due to Diabetes. At the McGreevy NeuroHealth Diagnostic Testing Center, we take a step back to understand the root cause or causes. This is critical in predicting the prognosis as well as deciding on treatment options. The Peripheral Neuropathy Program overlaps with other programs we have to offer, such as:


The Neurology Center

The Diagnostic Testing Center

The Pain Treatment Center


Craniofacial Pain Disorders Program

Spine Disorders Program

Neuromodulation Program

Sleep Disorders Program

Balance Disorders Program

Fall Prevention Program

Vascular Diagnostics Program

Venous Insufficiency Program

Laboratory Medicine Program