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The Spine Disorders Program

Welcome to our Spine Disorders Program, which has been at the core of McGreevy NeuroHealth.  A large proportion of our patients derives benefit from this program. Here, we are able to diagnose and treat a myriad of spine conditions. One very important facet of this program is that we pay very close attention to structures other than the obvious, such as the discs, nerves, and joints. The spine harbors more structures than you think and so we must pay attention. Are we dealing with a spinal cord tumor, a vascular anomaly, a spine compression fracture, or a spine infection? These are life-threatening problems that we seek to eliminate from the differential early in our evaluation, and we are able to understand the bigger picture due our Diagnostic Testing Center. We have saved lives with this critical first step. Once we are clear on diagnosis, then you have access to various treatment options. Not all treatment options are 'cortisone shots' or 'pain pills'. In fact, we prefer to de-emphasize these.  Our Spine Disorders Program is comprehensive, far-reaching, and interplays with the following programs:


The Diagnostic Testing Center

The Pain Treatment Center


Interventional Pain Program

Acute Pain Program

Degenerative Disc Disease Program

Neuromodulation Program

Myelopathy Program

Joint Disorders Program

Sleep Disorders Program

Balance Disorders Program

Fall Prevention Program

Vision Disorders Program

Vascular Diagnostics Program

Laboratory Medicine Program