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McGreevy NeuroHealth

The Vision Disorders Program

Many are not aware that the nervous system is intimately involved in eye development before we are born. Our ability to process visual information requires that many structures are intact, including the retina, optic nerve, and visual pathways in the brain. Neurologists are trained to look into the eyes as a window into the brain. At McGreevy NeuroHealth, we understand how visual disorders may impair patients, how various medical conditions can affect the eye, nerve and brain structures, how various medications used in Neurology can affect these structures, how viewing the retina can indicate signs of vascular disease in other parts of the body such as the brain and kidneys, how viewing the optic nerve can indicate if multiple sclerosis is present, or if a brain lesion such as a tumor is present.

At McGreevy NeuroHealth, we take the approach, if you don’t look, you don’t know.  Our diagnostic prowess affects safe and effective treatment decisions.  We aim to educate our patients, to have a broader view of disease and treatments, and ultimately to save lives. Our Vision Disorders Program is special, and helps us accomplish this. This unique program interplays with the following Centers and Programs: